Tender No.3/2020 / IQTV
Contact mail: auday.Ahmed@alethar.org.iq
Tender announcement date 9/9/2020
The clos date is 18/9/2020
Tender Announcement No. 3/2020 IQTV
Tender Name: Advertising design (Brochures and videos)
Execution period: 6 MONTH
1- Al-Ethar Humanitarian Foundation is pleased to announce Public Tender No. 3/2020
Within project budget allocations (Enhancing Access to Distance Learning for the Most Vulnerable Children in Iraq).
Funded by UNESCO and in cooperation with the Al-Ethar Humanitarian Foundation to Design ads in the form of videos and brochures
2 – The contracting process takes will be done in accordance with the approved mechanism for public competitive bidding, which allows all qualified bidders within the Jurisdiction.
3- Qualified bidders wishing to obtain additional information should contact the e-mail: auday.Ahmed@alethar.org.iq
4- The bidders wishing to submit may review the headquarters of the institution
5- The bids are submitted to the headquarters of the Bid Opening Committee and delivered by the authorized managers of the companies
Or whoever represents them at the headquarters of the Foundation and for the same address listed below. The deadline for submission is (2 p.m.) 2 p.m. on 18/9/2020
In the event that the closing day coincides with an official holiday, the closing date shall be extended to the day following the official working day.
-The address of the headquarters of the Foundation / Al-Ethar Humanitarian Foundation / the following address
Baghdad – Al-Jadriya – Al-Jamea neighborhood, District 915 – 51 st – House 13
Mobil -0771126686
Note: – The selection shall be according to the similar business mechanism